The QAZ Index is a capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market

Ready portfolio

There is no need to study projects and make transactions on crypto-exchanges..Buying 1 QAZ index, you buy 30 cryptocurrencies at once

The most popular and promising coins

Diversified Portfolio

Always less volatile than more concentrated portfolios. Downside protection due to holding a wider selection of tokens.

What cryptocurrencies are included in the QAZ Index ?



To use bitcoins on the Ethereum network as well as in the QAZ index, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)  is used.

DeFi Pulse Index


DeFi Puls Index 
DeFi Pulse Index an index of decentralized finance that is not a synthetic or a derivative - users own the tokens that constitute the capitalization-weighted index.
Currently, the Index includes 12 tokens from the DEFI sector

NFT Index


NFT Index 
The NFT Index is a digital asset index designed to track tokens’performance within the NFT industry.
Currently, the Index includes
8 tokens from the NFT sector

promising tokens


Promising tokens
In the future the list will be updated by the community

Index Calculation

The total circulation supply of all tokens included in the index is taken as 100%. The QAZ Index value corresponds to the sum, the terms of which are the market value of tokens multiplied by the circulating supply of these tokens divided by the Index Divisor.

-Circulating Supply is the number of tokens circulating the last time circulating supply was determined. 

- Price is the market price of the token in USD. Index Divisor is a constant that is adjusted on each rebalance. 

The method of calculating the index has the same principle as the method of calculating the S&P500.

Where to buy an index?


The QAZ index is stored in your own wallet !!!

Index address for adding a QAZ to a personal wallet :